Experienced glass merchants

    Here at Wizard Glass, we don't simply sell glass products. We consider ourselves to be true glass merchants, which is why we provide residents and businesses across Hornsby with a huge range of glass services and custom solutions.

    Glass replacement

    Do you have a cracked window you need repaired? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect piece of glass to fit a treasured, custom piece of furniture? Here at Wizard Glass, we have all the tools and expertise to replace your cracked, chipped or dull glass with a beautiful new piece at cost-effective prices.


    Professional glazing not only looks fantastic, but is also a great solution for insulating your home or business and blocking out noise. With proper glazing, your windows and doors can contribute to the energy efficiency of your space while providing a beautiful outlook and abundant natural light.

    Glass cutting

    Many custom items such as furniture, unique doors, windows and other household fittings need specifically shaped glass. As such, these can often be difficult to replace, as you're seldom going to find such glass in a shop. However, we can cut the glass for you, providing you with the right size and shape to fit. This is also ideal for anyone building their own fixtures and projects, as we cut the glass exactly how you need it!

    To speak to our glass merchants,
    call  02 9476 1588  and let us solve your problems!

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