Frameless or framed glass shower screens

    In many modern bathrooms, the shower is the centrepiece. A good shower screen needs to be durable, watertight, and fit the style of your bathroom. If you want to make your bathroom feel a little more luxurious, Wizard Glass has a range of fantastic shower screen options for you.
    evolution 90 degree

    Pivotech Evolution - 90 degree

    The standard Pivotech Evolution has a 90-degree corner and a smooth, frameless door. The result is a shower with plenty of light and a sleek design that fits with modern styles. Not only does this screen look great, it’s also exceptionally easy to clean.
    evolution 90 degree with panel

    Pivotech Evolution - 90 degree with panel

    The Pivotech Evolution with a panel add-on enlarges this shower screen to suit even the largest bathroom while keeping the door at a convenient size. Ultimately, this solution is perfect for anyone looking for the sleek simplicity of the Pivotech Evolution in a more spacious environment.
    evolution 45 degree

    Pivotech Evolution - 45 degree

    The 45-degree Pivotech is the ideal solution for conservative spaces. This configuration allows the placement of vanity and toilet on either side of the screen without compromising the door opening. The 45-degree shower screen provides a compact solution that still looks excellent.

    Custom glass

    If you’re after an entirely custom solution, our professional glass merchants have the skills and equipment to deliver exactly what you want. Our shower screens can be made either framed or frameless and however big or small you’d like. For more details on our unique, tailored shower screens, simply get in touch!

    To learn more about our custom shower screens and Pivotech Evolution products, 
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